-Prevents dry hot air
-Moist and healthy heat

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Efficiently Heating Homes of All Sizes

Not all homes have boilers, but there are great advantages for those that do. They heat your home without drying out the air, which also dries up indoor plants and your skin. Boilers also create a long-lasting heat that continues to warm your home even after they turn off. Contact our team at Kurt Schlieckau Heating & Cooling LLC for installations, repairs, and more.

Advantages of Modulating and Condensing Boilers

-15,000 to 150,000 BTU/hr wide modulation
-Reaches a low 15,000 BTU/hr for light seasonal loads
-Retains full capacity for the most demanding of loads
-92.6 % AFUE
-97% on the radiant slab
-316 Ti stainless steel heat exchanger
-Direct vent or indoor air with CPVC
-Some applications with PVC Silent operation
-Natural gas or propane fuel
-Multiple boiler staging and rotation control standard equipped
-Options: variable speed pumping and mixing control
-Comprehensive internal boiler controller (standard equipment)
-Manages up to three separate heating loads DHW: Radiant Floor, Baseboards
-Other set point operation such as a pool or spa
-On-board switching of up to four pumps and/or zone valves
-Simplified wiring
-Sequential load management for economic multiple temperature operation
-Optional three-way mixing valve for simultaneous runs
-Space heating loads can be configured for outdoor reset
-10k-ohm outdoor sensor is supplied
-Multiple sensor channels available for smart DHW or secondary loop control
-Clear display screen uses plain language, no cryptic codes
-Variable speed pump signal available for optimum efficiency at partial throttle
-A 12-year limited warranty
-The most flexible venting in the market